Platform Integration

Platform Integration

Integrating our platform with your website is simple and straightforward. We do lots of the heavy lifting and keep your task simple so you can concentrate on making your products and website excellent while we make sure your users have a Joyful experience.

Including the Script

Add the following script tag to the end of the body of your webpage:

<script src="" defer crossorigin="anonymous"></script>

Make sure to replace YOUR-API-KEY-HERE with the API key that you have received from customer success when creating your account with Joyned.

If you want to change the language of the platform, replace en (in lang=en) with the language of your choice (such as lang=fr).

Examples of languages we support:

  • en - English
  • de - German
  • nl - Dutch
  • fr - French
  • es - Spanish

If you are not sure your language is supported, contact us for more information.

This script must be added to every page where the Joyned platform is displayed. Such as the homepage, category pages, search result pages and product details pages. If you don't want our buttons to appear in any one of the aforementioned pages, please contact our customer success team.

Remember not to place our script in any page that contains personal identifiable information like checkout or account management pages.

Please note: The Joyned platform will only appear on the subdomains in which it is embedded. If you only want the Joyned tool on specific subdomains, please only add us there. As long as you remember to add us to the Homepage!

Adding Joyned via Google Tag Manager?


All you have to do is add the following script tag to the website as a custom HTML tag and add a trigger to fire the tag only on the pages you want the platform to appear on.

Enabling the Platform

After the deployment of the code, contact your customer success manager to enable the service.

After adding the code users still won't be able to see our service, as it is disabled by default by us.

While the service is live but disabled we will run a few last tests to make sure that everything works perfectly and we will notify you before enabling the service on our end.

A/B testing Joyned?

Managing an A/B test with our product is slightly more complex than your typical integration script. Simply omitting the script for a certain variant/user group raises the issue whereby a user may be  invited to a wish list, but won’t be able to see the list because they don’t have the script embedded in the web page.

For customers wishing to A/B test our product we offer fully managed testing capabilities. Let your customer success manager know and we can set it up for you without any additional integration.