Joyned Privacy

Joyned Privacy

We treat the security of customer conversational data with the highest standards. Joyned’s security-first approach harnesses the best and most updated technologies to make sure that data stays safe and private. Our service undergoes rigorous audits and employs the latest best practices to ensure the integrity of the data as well as its confidentiality, security and compliance.

Privacy & security measures

Privacy measures

  • We comply with GDPR, CCPA, and other applicable data protection laws. We collect only the data that is necessary to provide our services and maintain strict access controls.
  • We use aggregated sanitized data that has been anonymized to generate insights, with the goal of increasing sales for our customers.
  • We maintain SOC2 certification.
  • We support our customers’ regulatory requirements for compliance with the relevant standards.

Security measures

  • We use advanced methods and technologies to secure all personal data we collect. See here for more information on our security measures.

How Joyned uses data

What data does the platform collect and how is it used

  • We collect information about systems used to access our platform, as well as logs of conversations conducted through the platform.
  • We do not use cookies.
  • We do not knowingly collect any sensitive personal data.

Where data is stored and how it is shared

  • We ensure that data originating in the EU is stored only in the EU. Data originating elsewhere is stored in the US or in Singapore.
  • De-identified data is stored in AWS servers in the US. The data is analyzed at our headquarters in Israel.
  • We ensure that data is being shared on the basis of contractual agreements which guarantee compliance with data protection laws, or rely on adequacy decisions.

User rights

  • We support our customers when they need to respond to requests by their users to access, amend or delete their personal information. To learn more, read Joyned’s Privacy Policy.